Indego’s® unique features make it a valuable tool for users with spinal cord injuries in the clinic or at home.



At just 26 pounds, Indego’s elegant design has no exposed cables or upper-body apparatus and does not require bulky backpack mounted components.

A Truly Personal Device

Indego enables clinicians to conduct over ground, task specific gait training and offers people with mobility impairments a new level of independence. Designed for personal use, but currently being researched in clinics, Indego offers features that set it apart as a tool for therapy and personal mobility for those with spinal cord injuries. Future advancements will enable use with a wide array of partial mobility impairments, pending regulatory approval.

Questions and Answers

About Indego

What is Indego?

Indego is a powered orthosis, sometimes referred to as an exoskeleton, worn around the waist and legs which allows individuals with spinal cord injuries to stand and walk.

Can Indego be used by everyone?

Indego comes in interchangeable sizes and can accommodate height ranging from 5’ 1’’ to 6’ 3’’ (155 – 191cm) and weight up to 250lbs (113kg). Currently Indego can be used with spinal cord injury levels of T7 to L5 in community or home settings and with injury levels of T4 to L5 in rehabilitation settings. The Indego is not intended for sports or stair climbing.

How much does Indego cost?

Indego is priced at approximately $80,000 for the personal unit in the U.S. In Europe, prices may vary. Contact us for clinical pricing or additional details.


Is Indego available for purchase in the U.S.?

Indego has received FDA Clearance for clinical and personal use and is now available for purchase in the U.S.

Is Indego available for purchase in Europe?

Indego has received CE marking for clinical and personal use and is now available for purchase in Europe.

More Information

Can I schedule a demonstration?

Indego is demonstrated at several of industry events. If you cannot make it to these events and would like to request a demonstration at one of our clinical partners or at your facility, please complete the contact form on the CONTACT page of this site.

How do I apply to be a research participant?

Indego is being researched in clinical settings providing rehabilitation and mobility to adults with spinal cord injuries. Links to our clinical partners can be found on the CONTACT page of this site or for more information simply contact us.

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